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Yesterday, we hired a handyman which I, of course, found on craigslist.org. Floyd was hired to hang up some artwork and decorations in our living room-a task we could take care of IF we had a 15′ ladder(which we don’t).

When Floyd the handyman arrived, he brought along his young son. His boy is out of school all week, so Floyd took the opprotunity to have a helping hand AND teach a few lessons to the kiddo.

His son, Austin, was probably no older than first grade, but he really WAS a help-running to the truck for an extension cord, helping to lift the coffeetable, etc.

When it came time to pay Floyd for his services, he had Austin calculate everything in their record books. As he’s showing the boy how to add up the different items, he’s continually emphasizing, “You always, always have to keep track of your bookwork, okay?”

Then, after all was figured up, Floyd said, “I’m going to knock off $15 because I wasn’t able to hang that one picture right, and I was 30 minutes late..” We protested because his work was superb. He made a motion to Austin and said, “Son, you always have to be generous with the people who hire you. That’s key in this business.”

I chimed in my two cents worth with, “Being generous is key in ALL business!”

It was really refreshing to see a parent taking such an active interest in actually teaching the kid; not having helping hands so the parent doesn’t have to work as hard, not feeling like he was forced to keep an eye on the kid since school was out, but actually instructing and guiding the little guy into how one conducts a good, ethical and successful business.

If you’re in the Orlando area, consider a handyman named Floyd Davis:

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