Thank You…Thank You Very Much!

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To be said in your best Elvis-sounding voice…

The whole idea of Thanksgiving is to remember all the things we have and how lucky we are. And we are! I mean, if you’re reading this, you’re probably in the U.S. of A and that means you’ve got a front row seat to everything! There is hardly anyone in this country that goes without food, shelter and at least some amenities of a quality life. Certainly there are people who are homeless, but the vast, VAST majority of Americans have more than ammple amounts of, well, everything!

While Thanksgiving is the day we’re supposed to remember to be grateful for all we have, when you have as much as most Americans do, one day simply isn’t enough. We need to really take a look at all we have, every day, and be grateful forthe awesome things we possess; food, clothing, shelter, relationships, material goods-all the things that make life worth living.

For this Thanksgiving 2007, I wish you a day filled with food and laughter and fun, and I hope you’ll take time to be grateful every day, all year long.

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