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When I was growing up, it seemed like every Sunday afternoon was spent around Grandma and Grandpa Engel’s kitchen table. Fried chicken and mashed potatos are my most vivid memory, but I’m sure the menu was a little more extensive than that!

The other strong memory of that kitchen table was the glassware. Nothing fancy, but for a kid-unforgettable. See, Grandma Engel had drinking glasses that bore the insignia and schedule from the University of Missouri Tigers. This would have been circa 1987, so it was a little odd to see the year “1968” on the glasses. Nonetheless, there were all sorts of phrases like “Champions!” and “Title!” all over the glasses, too.

And friends, until last night, I’m not sure the University of Missouri has really had a team to be proud of since those glasses were created(and yes, Nixon was in office then). Sure, there was a bowl game a few years ago(the Cornnuts Bowl or something ridiculous that no one watched), but last night’s victory over rival KU was nothing short of sweet!

Congrats, MU, and here’s to a win against Oklahoma next week!

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