Should You Be Receptive?

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“Be receptive to something new!”

This is what I heard the first time I turned up my nose at sushi. I work really hard at being open to new things, so, after a little more thought, dived into my first tempura roll…and I’ve loved every delicious bite of Japanese food since!

Tonight, though, my wonderfully smart and talented wife made an interesting point about reception. We were having a lengthy discussion about some mutual friends and drama going on in their life. Marvelyne said, “They’re not the kind of people who seem real receptive of gossip. It probably just goes in one ear and out the other.”

Being receptive doesn’t mean embracing and/or accepting. I’m open and receptive to listening to just about anyone. Nazis? Let ’em talk! After 30 seconds of chatter they show how stupid they are! Hellfire and brimstone preachers? Speak freely! Same story as the Nazis – the more you talk, the more opportunity I have to see the flaws of your thinking. Differing political views? Hey, I’ll watch a debate between the libertarians and the American Communist Party if I can learn something from it!

The thing is, just like with these three examples (and the previously mentioned acquaintances), I will be receptive – but not accepting of just about anything.

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