Happy Founder’s Day!

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Ten years ago, I was initiated into Kappa Sigma. I was headed into my third year of college, was 22 years old and, well, not the guy most of you know now.

I was, in fact, a fairly insecure and shy guy. Okay, maybe not totally shy, but the events of the recent four previous years had somewhat strained my opinion of myself.

I’ll not claim that my initiation into the fraternity changed my world 180 degrees, but it was definitely one of the major aspects tht took me from that introverted kid into the peerson I am today. Right after joining the Masonic Lodge, joining Kappa Sigma ranks as one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

And yet, if it weren’t for December 10, 1869 and five friends and brothers at the University of Virginia, there would be no Kappa Sigma. And if that were the case, there wouldn’t be quarter of a million initiates, there would be no nationwide brotherhood and, quite possibly, the Marcus Engel you know may not exist like he does today.

Thank you, Kappa Sigma, for changing my life and for helping mold the lives of hundreds of thousands of young men. Happy Founder’s Day! AEKDB

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  • Dan C

    Hey Brother Engel. It’s a truly nice story, isn’t it? It’s interesting to remember that when the five founders were there that night on the tenth of December, that none were older than nineteen!


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