It’s Officially Christmas!

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The first Christmas song of the year was heard in Target about a week before Thanksgiving. Pretty sure it was an instrumental version of “O Little Town of Bethlehem”-definitely remember being happy it wasn’t Feliz Navidad!

However, every year at Christmas time, I wait and wait to hear the song that, to me, says Christmas is just around the corner. This morning, I heard that song in the most unlikely of places-on my MySpace profile!

Go to and type in my name and you’ll hear Bruce Springsteen singing, “Santa Claus is Coming To Town.” Who can’t love the part where he talks about Clarence being good so Santa will bring him a new saxaphone?

What’s even better about this is, until I logged in, I had no idea it was there. MySpace is fairly difficult for me to navigate with my JAWS screen reader, so I turn those duties over to my incredibly talented(and beautiful) wife(who pretty much makes me always seem better and smarter than I really am!).

Unbeknownst to me, Marvelyne snuck into my MySpace profile, found the Springsteen tune and placed it as the music you listen to while viewing my profile. I knew nothing of this, which just goes to prove how well she knows me! Thanks, babe, for taking care of that, and thank you, the Engel’s Ensights reader, for reading this AND the stuff on MySpace!

Enjoy The Boss and may it put you in the holiday spirit!

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