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Strangely enough, I watched some Oprah yesterday. There was a section where audience members asked Oprah personal questions; if you had one day left on earth, where would you spend it? That sorta stuff.

One question was, “If you could walk in anyone’s shoes, who would that person be and why?”

Oprah’s answer was one I think we should all strive to give…

“I have a great life! I don’t want to walk in anyone’s shoes but my own!”

Bravo! Granted, we can’t all be one of the richest women on earth, but we can all choose to be happy. We can all choose to love the life we live. We can all choose NOT to continually want more or different, unless those changes are positive and personal.

And really, I’m with Oprah on this one. I think it’d be cool to know what life is like inside the skin of different people. For one, I’d like to step inside the world of a teenage girl so I’d better know how to help my stepdaughter. For another, I think it’d be sweet to live the life of a rock star. I’d also like to experience the world from the viewpoint of a non-American, just to see what life is like outside this place we call home.

But really, I don’t want anyone’s life but mine. Do you?

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