Measuring Life With Dogs

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This past summer, I read my first T.C. Boyle novel, “Drop City.” Absolutely loved it and ever since, I’ve been so stoked about jumping into another. Finally started one!

“After The Plague” is a collection of Boyle’s short stories. All are written in his incredibly descriptive style, and all are a little edgy in their content-right up my alley!

In one story, a middle aged drunkard trips in his back yard. His drunken middle aged wife, after several hours of him being gone, heads out into the darkness of the yard to look for him. And trips her drunk butt over him. Now, two incapacitated drunks laying in the backyard, hardly anyone around and these two bozos are totally without help, save for their family dog(who ain’t exactly of Lassie’s quality, if ya know what I’m saying).

The man, knowing his life could be over if help doesn’t arrive, is reflecting on this dog, and it’s predecessor, another hound by the same name. He thinks, “You measure your life by good dogs. If you’re lucky, you’ll have five or six of ’em.”

Ya know, he’s not all that far off. Some people measure their lot in life by their home, their car, their children, their spouses, etc. This guy chooses by dogs. As man’s best friend, it seems a pretty good measuring stick. And he’s right… if you have five or six great dogs in life, consider yourself lucky.

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