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Wow. Just wow. 2007 has been one heck of a ride! I always love reflecting over the past 12 months…”Yeesh, I forgot about that!” or “Man, I’m glad that’s over”…those kinds of comments seem to fall from my teeth at times like this. So, let’s take a stroll down 2007 Lane, shall we?

January-Still living in St. Louis, but rang in the new year in Orlando with my then girlfriend, now wife. We talked about what we want 2007 to look like; my move to FL, our marriage, a new home, business picking up, and, above all, creating a positive and meaningful life together. A trip up to Baltimore to speak for the Intl. Association of Assistance Dog Partners(not one bark the whole time!) and a few trips back and forth to STL. Remember that whole “Miracle in Missouri” thing? A kid who’d been missing for five years was found(with another kid missing for about a week) at an apartment complex about two miles from my former front door. One of the most touching stories of the year…

February: Speaking at colleges in NC and Fort Lauderdale kept the month busy with business. But don’t discount a trip or two back in preparation to make the big move.

March: March 3 was the big day. I popped the question to Marvelyne and, wonder of all wonders, she accepted! The rest of the month was kind of a blur from happiness!

April: Bought our house in Orlando, sold my house in St. Louis and turned over all my earthly possessions to the care of a couple of ex-con movers. Thankfully, all the stuff arrived safely and no one died. With these major life stressors out of the way, it was time to get on with life!

May: Celebrated my 32nd birthday with my new family here in Orlando. Moving in, getting settled, starting life!

June: Wedding prep galore! Anything else? All I remember is wedding prep! If you’ve ever planned a wedding, you know how all encompassing this can be!

July: July 1, Marvelyne and I slipped rings on one another’s fingers and took our vows.. Who knew this level of happiness could exist? Honeymoon in Cancun, enjoying newlywed life!

August: Back to school, back to business, but all with the happy glow of marriage!

September: A trip to speak at DeSales University and hang with my pals there! Always a good time! A surprise party for my best bud, DJ, and a family reunion back in MO.

October: My busiest travel month of the year. Where did I go? I don’t remember! West coast, east coast, everything in between. Topped off the month by falling off a four foot embankment and severely spraining my right ankle. Yikes!

November: Went to Miami to speak for my brother in law’s church AND to get acquainted with the family into which I’d just married. A fabulous Thanksgiving with my new family and seeing “I’m Not There”; the Bob Dylan art film. If you are a fan, run, don’t walk to see it!

December: Celebrating my bride’s birthday when she was, in fact, my wife! Trips around the country and waltzing into the Christmas season with a week long visit from my parents.

And now? Reflecting back on the year and smiling. Is there any better way to end a year? Here’s to smiles and memories for 08!

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