When Do Resolutions Start?

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So, made your list of resolutions? When do they kick in?

See, if you’re like me(or pretty much every other American out there), we try to lie to ourselves. The New Year starts exactly at midnight. When the big apple drops(if you’re on east coast time), THAT is when resolutions need to kick in.

About 10 years back, my good buddy, Mike, made the resolution to quit smoking in the new year.Come to think of it, many of the guys in our little group made this same resolution. That night, while partying in the new year, the clock struck 12 and Mike was done with that habit forever. Other people, though, said they’d finish out the night. After all, this was still New Year’s Eve until the next morning when everyone wakes up, right? Uh, yeah, if you’re the type who lives in denial.

Or what about the age old lie about starting Jan. 2. I mean, really, hangovers, bellies full of food from the previous night, lethargic day in front of bowl games…it’s almost un-American to miss football on New Year’s Day, right? So, I’ll just start tomorrow…wrong! Don’t be that guy!

If you’re making a resolution to start with the new year, make it start with the new year! Here’s to your valiant efforts!

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