I Love Cranium…So Does Someone Else!

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My fav board game, Cranium, has just been bought by Hasbro Toys. No big deal, you say, right? After all, in the business world, there are constantly takeovers and mergers and the like.

Until you see the price tag: $77 million

$77 million? For a single board game? Granted, Cranium has a few other products under their belt, but Cranium is the cash cow…and we do mean cow! Wow, $77 big ones. Craziness!

If you’re not familiar, Cranium incorporates the talents of all players. I know folks(you probably do, too) who hate Monopoly since there’s so much math involved. Scrabble sucks for people who are bad spellers. I’m awful at charades(har har), which is why Cranium is so awesome! It incorporates so many different games and talents where everyone, no matter your preferred talent, can do great! It builds comradery and bonds among the team members as they determine who has strengths for the question at hand.

When we have parties here, the sure winner of the night is to pull out the ol’ Cranium board. And now, with $77 million worth of Hasbro quality behind it, we’re likely to see new and improved versions of the game!

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  • SoupKitchen

    Happy New Year Marcus! I’m enjoying reading your blog. Cranium is great. I’ve flown US Airways a couple of times recently and they have a version of Cranium on their video monitors. Maybe thats part of the $77 million!

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