Why yoming Should Be Sorry

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Iowa caucus!

New Hampshire Primary!

Exciting times, no?

Actually, these election times ARE exciting. I absolutely love keepingg up with the latest polls, scandals, flip-flops and all the other fun and games that make up election years!

But dear God! Do we really want to endure this kind of excitement for the next 11 months? Uh, election day is in early November. We’re in the first week of January. This is too much of a good thing. WAY too much.

So, settle in, keep your finger on the remote and just deal with it because Wyoming has helped us extend the election cycle. By moving up the caucus in the least populus state, it makes so many other states also want to move up their primaries and caucuses. What’s next? I mean, NH used to be the first, but Iowa snuck in with their caucus. Who’ll move in front of Iowa? South Carolina in the 2012 election? Why don’t we just move it back to before Christmas? Or better yet, start campaigning in July?

The campaign season is way, way too long. By each individual state trying to up its’ importance, we do nothing but extend this excitement. Again, too much of a good thing.

My solution? Six months-max. If you can’t make your case in less than six months why you should be prez, then you don’t need to be prez. So says Engel. And I doubt I’m the only one.

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