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I am like the proverbial kid in the also proverbial candy shop!

After waiting for years, I finally broke down yesterday and got Sirius satellite radio. Orlando is pretty sad in the talk radio department and you’d be surprised how many topics for this blog come from listening to the talking heads yap on and on.

So, while playing with it’s 200 some odd stations today, I happened upon a BBC broadcast. Based on the accents of the two broadcasters, I believe one may have been Scottish and the other claimed the B from BBC.

These two journalists were reading blog posts and E mails from American voters,. Then, they took calls, the first of which was from an Iraqi physician practicing in Jordan. I only caught a few minutes, but it stands to reason even more international calls would come in. And the topic? The New Hampshire primary.

Yep, U.K. announcers discussing American primaries with Iraqis in other parts of the Middle East.

We all know the world is shrinking andthat the barriers between countries are minimized by the media, technology and the ease of travel. Yet, hearing this made me aware to a new level about just how important the American presidential race is to the rest of the world.

Not the American president, mind you, but the race. This isn’t even where we Americans really have an idea who’ll prevail…and yet? Brothers and sisters around the world are lining up to put in their two cents worth.

Just interesting food for thought here in the Engel/Adams household where, due to tons of new information, it feels like Christmas morning all over again!

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  • SoupKitchen

    Marcus, this will make you happy. You can listen to your satellite radio online too. If you bring your laptop with you on the road, you can listen to a lot of the stations when you have internet connection. Just go to the Sirus website and log on.

  • Marcus Engel

    Hey Frank,

    Yeah, I’ve been playing with the net service, too. Be nice to keep up with the world while I’m out hanging in booths at trade shows!


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