Survivor Willamette!

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Ya know, I have the best life. I have an awesome family, a rewarding career, and the opprotunity to always get to meet amazing people. But this weekend really took the cake! I was hired by Kate Schnurr at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon to help facilitate the Survivor Willamette leadership retreat. First of all, the Westwind camp outside of Lincoln City, OR is just one of the most beautiful settings you could ever imagine (see pics). Ginormous waves across a turbulent ocean, complete with vegetation like no where else all make this such an incredible experience for any camp goer! However, toss in the awesome folks from Willamette to work with and, well, it’s a formula for some really awesome times! Thanks to Kate, S. West, Lizzy, Cassandra, Ilene, Terri and everyone else who staffed, helped out and attended this awesome event!
Special thanks to Kate for taking such great care of all the details involved in such an adventure!

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