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Some folks think I have a way exciting life. I get to travel to awesome places, interact with quality people and help inspire others to achieve their goals. And people who see this as my life are right! This IS one of the best things about what I do!

What most people don’t see is the endless hours sitting at my desk, E marketing, bouncing designs back and forth with artists who are creating business cards, web sites, MySpace profiles, communication with past clients, etc. There is ton, A TON of very mundane, tedious boring stuff that has to happen before heading off to exciting places.

While I’m at said desk doing said mundane tasks, I almost always have my Sirius radio on in the background. This morning, there was a promo about the Robin Hood Foundation; an organization in NYC which assists those who’ve lost the battle of poverty. The Robin Hood Foundation assists people who are homeless, single teen mothers, etc. Actually, Robin Hood hands out donations itself to different orgs that support their mission.

What I was most impressed with is how Robin Hood Foundation actually runs as a business. The board of directors donate their time to the org, but donate their money to cover administrative costs. That way, all donations from generous donors go directly to the orgs providing services.

There almost always have to be middle men. The world doesn’t work too well without them. But the Robin Hood Foundation funds the middle men so the gifts get to the orgs for which they’re intended. You can learn more about the Robin Hood Foundation at:

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