Beautiful and Hilarious and Touching and Offensive

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Comedy is so, so much better when it reflects aspects of real life.

Yet, it’s not very often a comedian will share what may be painful life details. Sure, there’s all kinds of self deprication that’s funny, but when it’s truly something sensitive? Not so much.

This is why I just heard what I think is one of the best comedy routines ever. And it involved? The death and funeral of the comedian’s father.

He described the funeral as, “Beautiful and hilarious and touching and offensive and wrong-exactly what his father would have wanted. Everyone got up and told stories; not some B.S. stories about how wonderful Dad was, but real, true, honest stories that showed how special Dad was.”

I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say, the stories repeated contained lots of drinking and urination!

THIS, faithful reader, is the kind of funeral I want when I croak. And don’t worry-God willing, that shouldn’t be for, oh, another half century. But when it happens? I want truth, I want fun, and I want people to walk out of the service laughing-exactly how I want people to leave my programs now.

Life is about living. Life is about laughter. A celebration of life shouldn’t be depressing and morbid-it should be beautiful and touching and offensive.. At least, I hope mine will be.

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