Entitlement: Do You Take It To Heart?

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The following article:


is one I believe sums up much of the overall problems of our country today. The idea of entitlement is partially to blame for our current issues with home ownership, credit debt and always looking for someone to point the blame at.

Please don’t take this as any sort of political endorsement for either candidate – that’s not my goal here. But the idea of entitlement is so widely held that anyone who does not realize this is an issue is purposefully turning a blind eye to it.

In my keynote speeches, I share some of these same notions; only you can control your own destiny, if you choose to blame you are limiting your abilities, look for what you can personally do to change your lot in life, etc.

What can we do to try to end the widespread feeling of entitlement in Generation X and younger? First, we stop thinking we have a right to anything other than a free country in which to live. Past that? The choices we individually have are limitless, but with that first given (i.e., freedom) we have the ability to do anything!

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