Well, It’s No Ink Stained Finger….

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But I -AM- currently sporting a sticker on my chest that reads, “I Voted!” And, I did!

Today, the biggest news in the land is the Florida primary. I did my part and voted. If you’ve already voted in your state’s primary or caucus, thank you! If your state has yet to hold their primary or caucus, please, PLEASE get out there and vote!

Additionally, today was the first time I’ve voted with an accessible voting machine. How does this work you ask?Simple!

I (or any other blind or visually impaired voter) stands at the voting machine, but dons a pair of headphones and works through the ballot by the aid of an audible voice. Three buttons, forward, backward and select make it possible for me, for the first time ever, to have voted in total privacy. I would vote no matter what, but to be able to do it in privacy makes me all the more excited to fulfill my civic duty. I hope you’ll do your part, too.

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