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Food prices in Haiti have shot up so high that some Haitians are resorting to eating dirt. True story.

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. It epitomizes the term, “third world.” The slums of border towns in Tiajuana and Juarez got nothing on Haiti. Not that it’s a contest, but if you have to resort to mixing dirt with lard, then baking that concoction in the sun to use as food, there is hardly anything lower. Or, if there is lower, I can’t think of it.

Just about the time I’m reading the article on how poor Haiti is(and getting poorer), I’m also listening to John Edwards give his, “I’m throwing in the towel” speech. Edwards fancies himself the spokesman for the working, blue collared Americans…as well as those who are just plain poor. We keep hearing “recession” and the crisis with the sub-prime ARMs is getting worse and the stock market is way down and home prices are down and, basically, the sky is falling.

Folks, how would it be to be in Haiti? There, the sky has already fallen. In America? We don’t know poor.. Not like Haitians do.

To keep it all in perspective, I submit this: Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re an American. That means you’ve got at least a basic level of education. You also are inside a building, using both electricity, modern technology and the various streams of communication to read my words. This, my friends, puts you(and me and every other American) far, far ahead of those in third world ountries eating dirt cookies.

Please, please keep in mind that no matter how sluggish the economy looks, you’re already better off than those in Haiti.

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