15,000 Dead Americans…This Is Funny?

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It’s flu central around here. Both teenagers are sick with the nastiness that seems to hit every year. Since I’m good for nothing when I’m sick, I’m doing everything to avoid it at all costs. Vitamins, green tea, rest, water-everything!

One of the things which has been scientifically proven to aid sickness is laughter. Yep, laughter. If you’ve read either of my books, you know what a big part laughter played in my recovery. Yet, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Hospitals and physicians by the hundreds have studied the therapeutic effects of humor on patients of all kinds. Everyone from folks with the common cold to terminal cancer patients-everyone, no matter where they are in this thing we call life, benefits from humor.

To help boost my immune system and ward off the demon known as influenza, I’ve been listening to a lot of comedy on Sirius Radio. Specifically, stand up comedians. I freaking adore stand up comedy-and I love it when it means I don’t have to go to a comedy club to get it.

So, last night, I was listening to a stand up comediaann who did a bit on drunk driving. Why does it seem like stand up comedians routinely joke about driving drunk? Could it be most people in their audiences are drinking while they listen? Maybe, but as alcohol is a legal drug, it seems fair game. Comedians are known for stepping over the line(that is, after all, what makes good comedy), so it seems every time I hit a comedy club or turn on one of these comedy stations, the comedian is joking about drunk driving.

Last night, the comedian was saying how he drives a mini-van. It’s certain rejection when he thinks he’s going to get lucky, but he’s certain to make it home without getting stopped by the cops! He then goes on to describe how he, a single dude, has a soccer ball sticker and Jesus fish accompanying his, “My son is an honor roll student!” bumper sticker. These are never, EVER the types of vehicles cops expect to be driven by drunks.

Okay, so that’s got a certain bit of humor to it. But when you take it a step further, is it really funny to joke about a crime that kills 15,000 Americans every year? I think not, but maybe due to the fact DWI is a victimless crime(until the crash, that is), comedians think it’s fair game to joke. Who knows?

I am really, really not overly sensitive to any sort of comedy. I believe it was one of the most famous comedians of all time who said, “Good comedy always insults someone.” That’s most likely true. So, I don’t typically go looking for reasons to be insulted.

I do wish, however, comedians would think a little when writing their comedy. After all, everyone(practically) knows at least one person who has died or been injured as a result of DWI. We also all know people who have died of cancer. Yet, most comedians have the decency not to joke about cancer…don’t they?

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