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Do you know the name Stuart Snodgrass? Probably not. Mainly because he’s most likely a fictional character, and secondly because I wouldn’t know the name, either, if it weren’t for one of the most touching adverts; one I just heard for the Make A Wish Foundation.

In this commercial(which I really hope you’ll get to hear yourself), Stuart Snodgrass is a normal school teacher…who becomes a bad guy. See, a little boy with a terminal disease has the wish to become a superhero.

I guess at this time I should inform you what the Make A Wish Foundation is all about. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few decades, the Make A Wish Foundation grants wishes to children with life-threatening diseases. Families of these children are usually stretched thin due to medical bills, so Make A Wish steps in, asks the child what he/she would wish for, then grants that wish. Often, it’s a trip to DisneyWorld(which I wouldn’t mind myself!) or a trip to the beach, whatever the kid wants. In this case?…here goes…

The little boy who is sick wishes to be a super hero, complete with an awesome costume! He’s at home when the mayor breaks into the cartoon he’s watching, pleading for the super hero to help catch the purple bad guy at city hall. Remember Stuart Snodgrass? Yeah, he’s costumed as the purple bad guy at city hall, volunteering his time and talents for Make A Wish.

The super hero(also known as the little boy with a disease none of us want), is whisked away to city hall where he rushes around trying to thwart the purple bad guy’s evil plan. Finally, his wish is complete when he casts his super hero net over the purple bad guy…and humanity is safe once again!

The Make A Wish Foundation does some incredible work…and they make some even more incredible commercials. Check them out at:

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  • bambamvaxxine

    This commercial really touched me….and that’s not easy.
    It has opened my eyes to the make-a-wish foundation…it’s not all about Disney trips.
    If ‘Mr. Snodgrass’ reads this and could contact me, it would be appreciated.

  • Marcus Engel

    As the blog post said, I was also touched by this advertisement. There’s another new one I heard recently which was almost as good. In the new PSA, an 8 year old girl has had multiple brain surgeries and is delayed in her development. Her father and many uncles are all volunteer firemen. The Make A Wish Foundation built a gigantic playhouse in her backyard that is a functioning firehouse; complete with sliding pole, fire sirens and bells. Truly touching advertising!

    The best thing I can tell you about contacting those responsible foor the advertisements is to check out:

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