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So, even though I dig football, I didn’t watch much of the Superbowl yesterday. 97 million Americans did, however!

This was the most viewed Superbowl in history, and the #2 most viewed TV event…ever!

The #1 most watched TV event ever was the final episode of MASH back in the early 80s. And ya know? I didn’t watch that, either. Turns out I was at a birthday party at Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream that night. What was my excuse yesterday? Disinterest, mainly.

Anyway, the 97 million viewers of last night’s Superbowl is a truckload of fans. But it pales when compared to the 106 million Americans who watcheed MASH some 25 years ago.

That’s saying something, but it says a whole lot more when there are nearly 300 million Americans now as opposed to the 225 million back when MASH aired.

Roughly, one third of Americans watched the big game last night, but just under 50% were watching MASH. Those are crazy big numbers…and they just go to prove: Americans like to be entertained.

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