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Since I’m a big politics junkie and keep up with current events, having this blog puts me in a bit of a pickle. See, I’d love to rant and rave about whatever I want politically, but instead, I really want this blog to reflect my attitude on the workings of the world; not politically, per sey, but the human elements that make the world go around. I also want to put thought-provoking ideas out therewhich(hopefully) will lead you to expand thinking to let in all sorts of new notions.

So, today’s political ramblings? Well, I’m remembering my great uncle, Les. Gone for 20 years now, Les used to have this great bumper sticker on his truck: “If you don’t vote, don’t bitch.

Pardon my French there, I’m just relaying the message!

I’ve always lived by that rule(who knew bumper stickers could be educational?). Makes sense, though, doesn’t it? If you have the power to change something, and you choose not to exercise that power, is there any right to complain?

Throwing out an example here…if someone eats McDonald’s three meals per day, chocolately goodness every half hour, chips, dips, beer, Bon Bons, and everything else unhealthy AND never gets off the couch from in front of reality TV, yet chooses to complain and cry about his/her weight…do you have sympathy? Maybe…but probably not. The person has made the choice, yet doesn’t like to live with the repurcussions.

Okay, back to politics…

There’s a very famous conservative radio talkshow host who has been making waves in recent days. This host says that if John McCain gets the GOP nomination, the talkshow host is simply not going to vote. Said host simply disagrees with McCain’s political views that much.

I’m immediately reminded of Uncle Les’ bumper sticker…if said talkshow host doesn’t vote, he/she has simply lost the right to talk about politics at all! Of course, that’s my humble opinion. I suppose all Americans have the right not to vote, but if you choose to forego that right, then non-voting American should keep their non-voting trap shut! Simple as that!

Secondly, Hillary Clinton has gotten a lot of bad press in the last few days for the financial situation of her campaign. She has admitted writing a personal check to fund her campaign for $5 million.

It’s her money. She can do what she wants with it. Is that considered an investment? Senator Clinton says it is.

Here’s a question for you, faithful reader…do you know what the President’s annual salary is? I had a ballpark idea, but popped it in a google search this morning and got the official word from a web site that ended with .gov. The President of the U.S. of A.’s annual salary is $400,000.

Senator Clinton is perfectly within her rights to use her own money however she chooses. But please, don’t call it an investment! If Senator Clinton becomes President Clinton, her first term’s total salary will total 1.6 million bucks. And if she’s elected to a second term? At the current Presidential salary, her $5 million “investment” will still end up coming up over $1.5 million short.

Now, having said that, politicians aren’t typically in politics due to the money. The power, maybe, but the most famous job on earth(except that of the Pope) only pays $400K. Power, not money. If the investment is for power, say it.

Simply put: Do what you say, say what you do.

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