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One thing I pride myself on is making smart financial decisions. No, not always, but I do make it a point to read the fine print to figure out what I’m getting into.

About a year ago, I purchased my wife’s engagement ring. Without me asking for it, the jewelery store offered me one year of freee financing. I could pay for the ring up front, all at once, or make monthly payments for the next 365 days. Me being me, I looked to see what would happen if I went over that 12 month mark. Folks, it wasn’t pretty. To avoid getting bent over by the financer, over a month before the final payment was scheduled to be in, I paid off the full balance…and now I can sleep easier at night.

The company that held the financing is a household name in banking. I’ll refrain from talking too much smack about them because, hey, they could hire me some day! Let’s just say that if Marvelyne and I weren’t incredibly diligent about getting the full financial picture, we’d owe this company thousands in interest alone! Their site was horrible, their policies which acted AGAINST paying off the balance were plentiful and customer service was nearly impossible to communicate with. Simply put, they don’t want customers to pay off their debt. THIS is the kind of crap that’s bamboozeled millions of American homes into foreclosure. To me, it’s intellectually dishonest to make things so difficult for customers, but what do I know? I’m only a customer.

Payday Cash Loans is one of those American companies like collection agencies, the IRS and bounty hunters-necessary, but you grudgingly have to accept their existence in the economy.

Yes, Payday Cash Loans can give you, well, a cash loan. This is so so so necessary when someone is in the worst of financial situations. The thing is, most folks don’t read the fine print…most people don’t know just how bad the interest rate will be if they get a cash loan. And what then? They borrow $500 and, two weeks later, owe $700. I’m fudging these numbers, but you get the idea.

So, I was really impressed when, believe it or not, I just saw a TV commercial for Payday Cash Loans. In it, they recognize that sometimes there’s an emergency where people need cash…fast! Yet, every other part of the commercial was warning viewers to know what they’re getting into, that money isn’t free and buyer beware.

For a company usually ranked with gamblers and discount liquor stores, I was really glad to see Payday Cash Loans taking responsibility when, obviously, many of their users do not. Props to you, Payday, for being up front with your customers…larger lending institutions could learn a thing or two from you.

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  • Susan Kelmer

    I have a suggestion…try to go without credit!! I did 10 years ago and have never regretted it. I pay cash for everything, including cars. I never pay anyone else for the privilege of using my own money. I owe no one anything. I don’t get tax refunds and I don’t owe taxes either, I make sure I break even. If you don’t borrow, you won’t owe, and if the economy goes south, you will be soooo much better off because you have nothing hanging over your head but living expenses. I cannot even describe the level of freedom I have, and how much extra cash I have in my pocket (and in my savings account) because I’m not making payments on anything.

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