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Four school shootings in the past week. Tragic and horrible and frightening. At times like this, those who send their kids off to school every day have to be asking, “Will I ever see my child again?”

What I hope these parents kep in mind is that approx. 50 million Americans are of school age and, generally, are in school. Yes, the 10 deaths this past week are the types of events that just turn your stomach. However, when you look at the big picture(i.e., the 50 million students), these 10 students are a tiny, tiny percentage. That certainly doesn’t take away the pain these individuals rightfully have, but it is not cause for alarm-not in the grand scheme of things.

Considering I make my living in schools and often am in front of large concentrations of students, it’d be the perfect time for a homicidal student to pull out a gun and start shooting. Yet, when you put the numbers together, being in front of the students is not a dangerous place. In fact, the most dangerous thing I do is the same thing you do every day-get in a car.

Next week, I fly to Austin, Texas for a weekend with friends. Lots of people are terrified to fly. Really, though, driving from home to the airport, then the Austin airport to the hotel is the most dangerous thing. In a few weeks, I start my real busy season where I’ll be coast to coast, bouncing up and down the eastern seaboard and across to Cali for the better part of a month. Am I afraid the plane will go down in flames? Nah. Am I afraid a student will pull out a .45 and start blasting? Nah. Am I afraid of riding in a car to/from these gigs? Nah…but if there was anything to fear, it’d be the car travel.

When tragedy strikes, we tend to over react like the world is coming to an end. Fear not, do the math and know that life is not accomplished by irrational fear. Life is done by simply living life.

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