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Caught an episode of “Deal Or No Deal” tonight, first time in forever.

Watching the female contestant who went to the final round, I am always rooting for the safe bet. Take the deal, take the several hundred thousand bucks that you did NOT start with and go on home-much, much richer..

As with all these reality big money shows, the contestant has the “privledge” of asking advice from his/her peeps in the audience. Is this a good thing? Maybe…if you surround yourself with intelligent people.

Dig this: Tonight’s contestant wanted to win big money so she could purchase a large home. Now, her reasons for wanting a large home aren’t the same as most folks. This contestant does lots of volunteer work in hospitals, childrens’ homes, etc. Her desire for the McMansion was so she could adopt children and give them a great place to live. Respectable, huh?

So, it gets down to the very last move…her deal is to walk away with just short of half a million bucks. Or, she has a 50/50 shot at $1 mill. What would you do?

Anyone who would press on is either already wealthy, or a fool. Luckily, this contestant took the deal and walked away with a half a million dollars.

The thing is, when she turned around to consult her friends and family in the audience, there were at least a couple of very vocal people telling her, “No deal! You came here to win!”

If this woman had less fortitude, she could easily be just as broke as when she showed up. And what’s the point of that?

It’s a great reminder of being aware who you trust. If you don’t trust yourself, then you’d better have good people on your side who have your best interest in mind. If not, well, Deal or no deal, you’re still no better off than you were before.

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