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There are things which most everyone considers valueable; jewels, precious metals, real estate. Granted, they have different values to different people, but I think we can all agree on the intrinsic valuein dollars and cents of these items.

Then there are things which could be valueable…if you care enough to find out. For example, I have a few antiques which, I’d imagine, are worth a pretty penny. Still, some would just recognize these items as old junk, no matter how much I could pull in from an expert on that PBS antique road show thing.

Then there are items we value that, by all counts, are only valueable to the holder. I have a cheap Zebco fishing rod that’s at least 20 years old. If I could even find a buyer, what would it bring? Five bucks? If I’m lucky. Still, the value for me isn’t in the item, but the former owner: my grandpa.

I know the types of things I value are more important for their historical and family connection than what a buyer would pay. But what about people who value junk? I don’t mean one man’s trash is another’s treasure-I mean stuff that, were the roles reversed, the seller would turn up his nose!

This past weekend, while walking down Sixth Street in Austin, a guy ran up to our party. He makes a little “Shh!” motion with his hand, takes some quick glances around, then pulls out a VHS copy of “Wayne’s World” which he tries to sell for a quarter. Seriously…when was the last time someone wanted to watch Wayne’s World? How about in 1993 when it came out! And VHS? Practically useless to everyone since VCRs aren’t even being produced any more. And a quarter? If it’s so secretive and pushing the realms of legality, wouldn’t he charge more than a quarter?

The crazy thing is that if this guy were offered a VHS copy of a 15 year old movie, it’s hard to believe anyonee(even someone as looney as him) would buy such a thing!

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder…and maybe valueables, too-I just know I won’t be buying VHS tapes any time soon! And I doubt you will be, either!

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