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I just finished “Killing Yourself To Live” by Chuck Klosterman-a must read for any music lover or Gen Xer. The musical references, along with analysis of pop culture, makes for some really, really interesting reading. Plus, Klosterman’s self depricating style and personal befuddlement with his several romantic interests sheds some light onto the reader. The situations seem Klosterman’s own, but in reality, we’ve all lived it.

At one point, Klosterman discusses intelligence. He refers to Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, both of which were well out of office before we(and by “we” I mean Klosterman and me) were ever born.

Nixon said of Kissinger,”He’s inteligent because he knows the right thing to do without being told.” (That’s not a direct quote, so please, ghost of Richard Nixon, don’t haunt me due to the paraphrase).

Knowing the right thing to do without being told IS a great sign of intelligence. The thing which is called into question is, of course, what is “the right thing”? That’s subjective as all get out!

Still, subjective or not, I want the people who I work with to do the right thing without being told. This is one reason my wife and I work so well together-we’re on the same page. She is the first person I’ve ever worked with where this type of reciprocal relationship truly works at it’s best. Is that intelligence? Partially. I think another strong definition of intelligence is the ability to adapt properly to emerging situations.

For example, I had an entire list of things planned out which needed to be marked off the “to do” list today. Yet, other things have taken prescedence in the meantime. Thus, we’ll work in the things on the backburner later. And, as my wife has shown me, we adapt to emerging situations.

I’ve completely learned not to press on, stoic as a pioneer, only to let more important things slip by. TAT, faithful reader, is a sure sign of the wheels spinning, but gaining no ground.

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