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Yesterday, in celebration of his 60th birthday, comedian Billy Crystal got to live a lifelone dream-play baseball for the New York Yankees. Crystal got one at bat and(of course) struck out. The Yanks signed Crystal to a one day contract for a spring training game, thereby fulfilling Crystal’s lifelong dream.

Now, that’s kinda interesting, right? It’d be cool if, for one day, we all got to live out our childhood dreams. But try this on for size…

Snoop Doggy Dog will soon be acting in an episode of “One Life To Live.” Snoop said this has always been his favorite daytime show, mainly because he grew up watching it because it was his mom’s favorite show.

Who got the better end of this deal?

Man, I hope when I get along in years, I’m standing on stage playing guitar with the remaining members of Led Zeppelin-NOT cooking a meal with Martha Stewart!

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