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When I was a wee lad, I realized my parents spelled my name in a unique way. Not Mark, but Marc. If you’ve read “After This…”, you may remember the scene where I insisted my nurses spell my name correctly.

Plus, ask someone how to spell my last name and, chances are, they’ll spell it “Engle”-WRONG! My last name is German and translates to “Angel”, hence the unusual spelling.

With two uniquely spelled names, folks don’t have a chance of finding me on the net-unless they’re really great spellers!

This morning, I attended a meeting of the Central Florida National Speakers Association. The guest speaker, Ford Saeks, pointed out how often URLs aren’t helpful to web surfers. Having two uniquely spelled names, unless someone has my biz card, book or bookmark in front of them, they’re likely to misspell it. So, we’ve tried to help fix this issue!

*drum roll, please!*

As of, oh, 20 minutes ago(and with special thanks to Ford!), yours truly is now the proud owner of:

Now, if an audience member can’t remember the spelling of, they can just pop in and, WHAMMO! They’ve found me!

Thanks again, Ford, for such great info today!

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  • Ford Saeks

    Congratulations Marcus! Those new domains will help your prospects and clients find you. Remember, you might want to get the domains with hyphens and get any common misspellings of your name too! – Best of Success, Ford Saeks – Internet Marketing Specialiast

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