Is This Really A Smart Way To Make A Statement?

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This morning during Easter Sunday services at a cathedral in New York, six protesters did a quazi “demonstration””, disrubting one of the holiest of days on the Christian calendar.

The protesters, four men and two women, doused themselves with fake blood in protest to the American war in Iraq. As they were escorted from the church, they sprayed the fake blood on the parisioners seated nearby.

Is this really a smart way to get your views across?

Easter is traditionally a spectacle to behold in church. Easter hats and bonnetts and dresses arecommonly worn by the young and old females within a congregation. Me? As a little kiddo, Easter was always a day when I’d don a suit and tie for the early morning service.

Those who still participate in the traditional dress of Easter Sunday now, due to the misguided fervor of these protesters, not only had their Sunday service interrupted, but now have the fake blood from the protesters ruining their Sunday best.

Frankly, if some jackass sprays one of my family with fake blood to get their point across, their point is mute. I would go to war and die for their ability to protest in a peaceful manner. But start involving people who don’t want to be involved? This isn’t a very good representation of one’s beliefs.

Protesting is, in general, a pretty useless activity. Unless tens of thousands can be organized into a peaceful congregation for a protest, it’s not really getting the viewpoint out to the public. Still, it’s every American’s first amendment right to share their opinions provided those are shared peacefully.

Protesting crosses the line when laws are broken. In this case today, the law which was broken was the destruction of property. And they also broke the law of common sense.

I feel most reasonable people, no matter what their beliefs on the war happen to be, will shun this type of action as futile and disruptive. No?

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