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“Any questions for the pharmacist?” the tech asked from behind the counter. I’ve been on this same medicine for two plus years, so I feel like a salty dog with it’s use. I just shook my head and said, “Nope! I’m all good!”

Still,, had I not been so familiar with this drug, I’d have had a lot of questions. Going to the pharmacy can be pretty intimidating for some. Insurance cards, co-pays, signatures, prescribing doctors, prescription slips, directions for the medication, tiny print, unfamiliar words-if I were elderly, there are tons of reasons why seeing the pharmacist could be a struggle.

By the tech asking, “Any questions for the pharmacist?”, it opens a friendly door for conversation. This pharmacy seems to havve this as their policy-not just the happenstance comment of an employee. With as much confusion as can be with drugs today, this makes lots of sense.

In fact, were I recommending a pharmacy to an elderly loved one, this is the first place I’d suggest. If nothing else, they make it easy for the patient to learn more about the drugs they’re on.

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