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One of my most vivid high school memories came in April of my senior year. I was driving to school one foggy morning, listening to the KSHE95 Morning Zoo. With much hoopla, the DJ put on John Fogerty’s, “Center Field.” If you’re not familiar, “Center Field” is just the best baseball song ever made! And the occassion for playing the tune? Opening day of baseball season!

Opening day is so much more than the first day of MLB. It’s a promise of things to come, it starts to give a city back the identity it’s been lacking the last six months and, most of all, it means winter is freaking over!

This year(as I type this from Florida), opening day doesn’t have quite the significance it once did. Mainly because every day(other than those in June, July and August) feels like spring here. Still, there’s a ton of excitement when that first pitch is thrown, when the crowd sizes up the new players, when the grass seems just a little more green than the last time you saw it. Opening day…it’s here! And, of course, go Cards!

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  • Susabelle

    Unfortunately, it was a wash. We had huge storms here, and the game was called at the bottom of the second. Boo!!

    They are replaying tonight, so, GO CARDS!!

  • Marcus Engel

    Yeah, I heard STL was having nasty weather and figured it’d effect the game (Murphy’s Law).

    Either way, even violent spring storms have to be an improvement over snow and ice storms! Go Cards tonight!

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