Has Our News Come To This?

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I’m a big dog lover. I know, you’re shocked, right?

Still, I’ve spent the last 10 minutes listening to a report on Fox News about a dramatic rescue in the Beverly Hills area of L.A. A traumatic accident? A movie star stuck in her mansion’s pool? No-a dog stuck in a canyon.

Seriously, a chopper with a man dangling from a cable attempting to rescue this 100 lb. canine. No word if the dog is injured, who the owner is, etc. And yet the question still begs to be answered…has our news come to this?

Yesterday, half of the Orlando Airport was shut down due to a potential bomber trying to get aboard a flight. The man actually had bomb making materials in his shoes and in his luggage. Luckily, he was detected going through security and is now in federal jail, awaiting arrainment.

Yet, a news story this big doesn’t get as much time as a dog stuck in a canyon.

People can do whatever dramaticc actions they desire for their pets. Diamond studded collars? Your business! Weekly visits to the doggie spa? It’s your money, spend it how you want!

But please, news programs across America, please do not waste our time showing a rescue of a dog unless that dog happens to be special to many people, not just some flaky dog owner who feels their dog’s life is more important than those of humans.

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