Yellow-Bellied Coward

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There are some people in history who cannot shake their association with a trait. Kinda like how no one will ever think of Screech from Saved By The Bell as anyone but Screech. Dustin Diamond? NNah! He’s Screech! Ever since moonwalking into our living rooms in the early 90s, Screech will always just be Screech!

And when we think of traitors, we’ll always think of Benedict Arnold. And when we think of someone who will die for what they believe, we’ll think of Joan of Ark. And when we think of evil, HHitler is probably the first monster to come to mind.

And cowards? Robert Ford. Or, as he’s more often known, “The Coward, Robert Ford.”

How crappy would it be to have your handle include the negative thing for which you’re known? We don’t call him, “The Jew Killer, Hitler” but maybe we should.

If you’re not familiar with Robert Ford, chances are, you didn’t take 4th grade Missouri History! And unless you’re from Missouri, why would ya?

Robert Ford(a.k.a. The Coward, Robert Ford) is the killer who shot Jesse James in the back. Not only shot him, but he was actually a member of the James Gang.

First, there should be a federal law against killing Missourians-especially if they have even a few redeemable qualities(and Jesse did).But this shot in the back is known as one of the most cowardly deeds ever done in history.

Personally, I want my life to be filled with things I’m proud of. Maybe things like: The Chairitable Marcus.” Or “The Kind-Hearted Blind Guy, Marcus”, something like that. Or, even if history really smiles upon me, “Marcus, The Guy With Great Hair!”

But not for the Coward, Robert Ford…who put a bullet in Jesse’s back today, April 3, 1883.

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