Ethrocentrism At It’s Finest

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A friend just sent me a link to a song on youtube called “Press One For English.” This is the most ethnocentric song I’ve heard in a long, long time…

Now, what’s ethnocentrism, you ask? Simply put, it’s the opinion that one’s culture is superior to another. So, here’s my thoughts after hearing this load of crap…

This song is all about how English is the language of our country. Basically, you’re welcome here, immigrants, but you’d best learn to speak our language. I, as an American, shouldn’t have to press one for English since it is, after all, the language of the land…so says this tune.

Okay, a few thoughts…The United States of America has no official language. Sure, our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, our laws-all are in English. However, there is no official language in America. Try that with other countries-it just doesn’t happen! At least, not the majority of countries.

Should English be our official language? I think it’s a toss up. Our country always has been and always will be a melting pot. I love the idea of having so many cultures coming together in the land of opprotunity. That’s what the American dream is all about, after all. However, having no official language leaves the door open for a great deal of interpretation and(dare I say?) trouble. Within a few years, we’ll have all sorts of lawsuits, etc. due to our law enforcement officers not speaking the language of whatever criminal they’re chasing. When the fugitive doesn’t stop and the cops open fire, having no official language puts the responsibility on the cops, not the offender. Sad, but inevitably, some slimy lawyer will make the case how cops should all be fluent in every language on earth-tain’t gonna happen!

Ya know, folks are entitled to whatever opinion they wish. That’s the First Amendment at it’s finest. I just wish ethnocentric fools like the singer of this song would check his/her facts before heading into the recording studio.

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