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There is nothing that cannot be assisted by more information. Some people fear info and turn away, probably because it’ll destroy whatever their pre-conceived notions are. This is wrong. People should be open to any information, even if it has an opposite stance to what they believe-after all, nothing has ever been gained by staying ignorant.

So, lately I’ve been reading a 12 year old book, “Make The Connection” by Bob Green and Oprah Winfrey. This is a guide to readers who want to lose weight in the best ways possible. Overall, I’m finding the information really helpful!

The thing is, I can’t shake the fact this book is a dozen years old. Some of the information seems outdated and that makes me wonder if the entire book isn’t outdated. Here’s an example:

Researchers today say including an extra serving of skim milk every day aids weight loss. According to many articles, a glass of skim milk after a workout is, quite possibly, the best thing you can do short of showering! Yet, Bob Green’s book says to limit dairy consumption. Makes sense if you’re talking ice cream and whipped cream. Not so much if you’re having a glass of skim after a work out.

Another recent article talked about the healthy benefits of nuts, even peanuts. High in “good cholesterol” and chocked full of protein, nuts seem a good snack(in moderation), but not so, says Green. Granted, Green is working from a weight loss perspective whereas many of the articles I’m referring to are about healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Oz, America’s Doctor as he’s known on Oprah’s daily talkshow, encourages daily consumption of olive oil. Green says to avoid all oils and fats as much as possible. What am I supposed to believe? The man who helped one of the country’s biggest stars to maintain her weight? Or the most recent research? Oh, the decisions!

I’m inclined to go with the most recent research. Sure, you can find all sorts of contradictory articles over certain foods/supplements, but in the end, don’t we want the best information? In the world of nutrition, the best information is likely the most current.

Still, one cannot fixate on the latest fad in nutrition. Remember about four or five years ago when the entire country was on the Atkin’s Diet? Yeah, after three months of eating nothing but meat and protein and fats, we all lost weight-only to gain it all back after stopping that madness. Yet, had you read many articlles of the day, they claimed Atkin’s was a lifestyle forever and you could maintain your weight permanently on this diet. Can you? Maybe-but it’s certainly not proven itself long term, at least, not as a rule.

What have we heard for years? Lifestyle change and exercise. Nothing new, nothing fancy, no pill is going to change the fact that eating natural, healthy foods is the best way to create a healthy, balanced life.

When it comes to information, be open to all of it. And do your research-no one will know what works for you better than you!

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