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The last several months have been a really, really stressful time for yours truly. There is but one reason from which many other aspects grow. That reason? My web site. was being updated by a web designer who I hired in August. Freaking August, people! It just went up in the last three weeks. However, when it went live, we found some major fixes that needed to be done. Never mind the project was already four months behind schedule, the changes necessary were some big things to overcome.

Finally, with no other recourse, I had to give my designer the boot. I’m so glad I did! First off, he’d given me an ulcer(not really) over the last few months. Second, I found a new company I’d like to share with you…

CIO Services is a computer and internet solutions company based in St. Louis, MO. They were recommended by my friend and colleague, Scott Ginsburg…and Name Tag Guy has yet to steer me wrong!

I got in contact with Nathaniel Leroche at Cio Services:


and explained my situation. I’m behind, I have a site that’s beautiful, but not real functional. As with any good businessman, Nathaniel underpromised and overdelivered(exactly the opposite of what’d been going on with my previous designer).

Last night around 10 p.m., I sent Nathaniel the changes for the site. I was crossing my fingers it’d be done in a week. Maybe three or four days, if I got lucky.

Nope! Around quitting time tonight, Nathaniel called me, said the changes were made and they wanted my approval before sending the site live. Marvelyne and I rushed to our PCs, checked it out, sent our okays and, first thing tomorrow morning, I’ll be in business again!

Folks, I can’t even describe how CIO Services saved my hide! As I told Nathaniel, they not only have a lifelong customer in Marcus Engel, but an advocate for their services.

If you have design, web site or any other needs CIO Services can perform, I give them my 110% reccomendation! These folks at CIO Services run a business exactly how a business should be ran: prompt, accurate, friendly-they simply deliver the goods.

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