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I’ve been reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love.” What a fantastic book! I highly reccomend it for anyone seeking balance in their life!

While in India for four months, Elizabeth Gilbert is living, eating, working and praying at a Buddhist temple. While there, she meets a Texan named Richard who, believe it or not, teaches her about herself in a way only a Texan can. She comes to think of Richard as her guru-and rightfully so since the advice he gave was simply priceless.

As Richard is flying back to Austin, they’re saying their good-byes at the airport. She calls him her guru with “hairy hands and cruddy toenails.” Not exactly the ideal image of a guru in my book-hers either!

Richard, a Vietnam vvet, says, “Yeah, my toes never really did recover from Vietnam.”

“It could have been worse,” Liz says in return.

“Sure could’ve been. Lots of guys came back home without their legs, so I consider myself pretty lucky.”

Folks, this is exactly the sort of thing we all need to keep in mind. When we’re all burdened down with our own self pity about our appearance, financial status, lot in life, relationships-whatever, we’ve gotta remember to look around and observe.

First thing to notice-you have the ability to look around! Dead people don’t! Rule #1 to finding happiness? Remember you’re alive. Life is a gift.

Rule #2? no matter how sorry you feel for yourself, there are much, much worse things that could be happening to you. Bbe thankful for the situation you’re in-and be thankful it’s not worse.

It doesn’t take a hairy-handed guru from Texas to teach this lesson-but if you need some more input, grab a copy of “Eat, Pray, Love.” You won’t be disappointed!

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