Happy Earth Day!

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The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 and was created in order to raise awareness about protecting our environment. Who’d have thunk the brainchild of hippies would last another four decades? Sure didn’t happen with the pet rock!

Nowadays, you can’t even discuss the environment without getting people all up in arms. It’s the baby of the Democrats/liberal side of America’s political landscape. Due too that, even mentioning the environment and the protection/preservation thereof to a right winger bringgs about a diatribe of points about how studies show the environment isn’t suffering-at least not as bad as the left would like the public to believe. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? What does the research really say? Who knows?

For me, I want the truth. Bring on the studies, the research, the decades-long fact findings of a non-biased scientific org who is truly looking for answers-not trying to push a political agenda.

Truly, it’s shameful we humans aren’t on the same page about this. We have but one planet to live on. Preserving that pplanet should be a top priority of we homo sapiens. It’s one of those rare issues which should(but doesn’t) encompass all parties and political views.

Several weeks ago, there was a worldwide awareness campaign for one hour. In that hour, the developed countries of the world were asked to dim or extinguish their lights in order to show support for conservation and environmental preservation. And, from the looks of it, it got a lot of press and publicity.

As I was surfing my favorite news sites this morning, not mention #1 of Earth Day. This leaves me wondering why the “blackout” from a few weeks ago wasn’t coordinated on Earth Day? It may have brought more awareness to the day itself-after all, there’s not been much in the press about Earth Day as of late. Wouldn’t it have been more productive to commemorate Earth Day with the world wide blackout, thereby reinforcing Ap. 22 as Earth Day in the minds of we earthlings?

When Ap. 22 becomes as ingrained as Dec. 25 is with Christmas, July 4 is with Independence Day and Feb. 2 as Groundhog Day, maybe then there’ll be enough awareness to get everyone on the same page about working to preserve the earth.

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