Time To Move On, Time To Get Goin’

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One of my fav Tom Petty songs contains this lyric, followed by:

What lies ahead I have no way of knowin’

This sums up one of my business relationships as of late…except I do know what lies ahead.

Last Friday, I resigned myy affiliation with Coleman Productions, the collegiate booking agent which has represented me the last year or so. It was simply not a good fit for either party.

So, what lies ahead? Well, for my clients, booking is simplified. Now, you deal directly with me; no agent, no bureau, no secretary. Cutting out the middle man is always, ALWAYS a good thing!

I still do the same programss, but I have a few more I’ll be adding to the mix. One which is currently under construction is a breakout on victimization. More specifically, how to let go of the victim mentality and break into survivor mode. But that’s another topic for another post.

For now? Just know that when you want to book Marcus Engel, just contact Marcus Engel. Some things in life should be easy-and my goal is to make booking as easy as possible. From now on, that’s what clients will once again get!

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