A Child-Sized Burger

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Burger King is reportedly creating a 85 lb., $170 hamburger.

The question is…why?

Well, don’t get the idea you’ll be able to get this flame broiled goodness at the BK down the block. This is a limited-time and limited location offer, specifically in affluent parts of London.

The burger will reportedly be sold to customers in order to raise money for chairity. Like what? The British Heart Association?

I like a Whopper as much as the next guy. No doubt about it. It’s just hard to understand how this seems like such a great idea. If nothing else, it sounds wasteful and over-indulgent. We’ve come to expect that in America, but in London?

Maybe I’m the crazy one here…but would you buy an 85 lb burger for $170? I’dd give $170 to chairity no problem, but what will anyone do with an 85 lb. burger? Invite the entire neighborhood over for a one pound hunk of meat? Weird.

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    my question is, how would they cook it?

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