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Yours truly hhit the big 33 yesterday! It was a fantastic day and I couldn’t be happier with how it went! Thanks to all who sent cards, E mails, called and, most of all, for the bazillions of MySpace and Facebook comments with birthday wishes! I felt rock star popular!

Around here, it was work as usual for a good portion of the day. Went out for some errands in the afternoon and treated myself to some new clothes. Dinner with Marvelyne and the kids at Uno’s for dinner, then off to the Shrine for the Florida Shrine Association fun!

And what did I get? Well, believe it or not, my favorite gift was socks. Yes, socks. When I bought my tux a few weeks ago, the only expense I spared was a pair of black silk socks. It’s ridiculous to pay nearly $20 for one pair of socks. But Marvelyne, being the astute girl that she is, watched for the sale and got the final component of “pimp Marcus out” wear!

Also got a James McMurtry CD(BTW, if you dig alt country, check out his tune “Choctaw Bingo.” If you’re easily offended, don’t.) Also got Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Big Iron World” and the best of the Dave Glover Show(a little reminder of STL and back home). Gator wear is now in full effect as my stepson will be starting at University of Florida this fall(thank God I like blue and orange!).

Again, turning 33 just reinforced how blessed I am to have such a fabulous family, such great friends and a fulfilling career which introduces me to so many incredible people. Thanks, everyone!

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  • Jess

    You are so welcome! I am glad you had such a great day!

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