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I just got back from an appointment with a new dermatologist. It was a fairly wretched experience. The physician himself was a pretty good guy, but his staff? Yeesh. Awful. Unfortunately, this doctor has missed one of the keys to being a professional-be sure the people representing you are professional, too.

Here’s how this went down…

Marvelyne and I scheduled appointments back to back. We both wanted to hear what the doc had to say to the other. Fair enough, especially since my reason for the appt. was so the dermatologist could point out skin blemishes to Marvelyne I obviously don’t see.

When the secretary called Marvelyne’s name from the waiting room, I got up, too. Convo went down like this:

Secretary: “Sir, we’ll see you when your wife is finished.”
Marcus: “We’re together.”
Sec: “I’m sorry, but we don’t see couples together. She can come get you when it’s your turn.”
Marcus: “So, she can be in my appointment, but I can’t be in hers? That doesn’t make sense.”
Sec: “I’m sorry, sir, but that’s our policy.”

Now, folks, that was NOT their policy. In fact, when the doc came into Marvelyne’s appt., she asked, “Can my husband be in here?” The doc’s response was what it should be, “Of course!”

Still, 10 minutes later, I was finally allowed into the exam room with my wife-and with a temper about at the boiling point. I’d not yet met the doc, but what do you think my overall impression was? Yep-negative.

Any professional knows he/she must, MUST have representatives who give a favorable impression. This doc does not have that person on his staff. In fact, instead of a non-issue(a worst case scenario for a physician’s secretary), he has one who does harm.

This isn’t to say the doc himself was bad. He was fine, but the impression was already made by his crappy secretary.

After being represented by a speaker’s bureau in the past, and after having different web designers creating work to represent me, and an army of past marketing folks, I know one thing-do NOT hire anyone who cannot properly represent me to others. I’ve made this mistake time and time again. Is it even possible not to? Sure, but just like finding Prince Charming, sometimes you’ve gotta kiss a lot of frogs

The key is, when you realize the person representing you is a frog, it’s time to make frog legs. As a professional, I will never continue to allow someone to represent me in person, print, communication or video who cannot make me look fabulous. Seems like doctors need this lesson, too.

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  • Jess

    WOW!! I wonder why she said that. What a snot!! I would have walked out before I even saw the doctor after that one! You had every right to be mad!

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