Is This A Way To Save On Gas? Neigh!

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Earlier this week, there was a report of a Tennessee man who is trying to beat the high gas prices-by riding his horse to work.

Now, that’s a cute story and all. Most folks love horses and would probably like to ride occassionally. Maybe even often, depending on just how much you love horses. But a money saver?

The man admits his horse eats approximately $150-$200 worth of food every month. Plus, the horse itself was probably several thousand dollars. Vet bills, housing accomodations, care, saddle, tack, …yeah, not such a money saver, buddy!

We live in one of the most congested areas around. So much so that running little errands like going to the post office or dry cleaner take an hour, even though they are both within three or four miles of the front door. Why? Traffic.. And yet? Do we spend $200 per month on gas? Maybe, but if so, that’s a real, real expensive month.

If someone wants to ride their horse, fine! More power to ’em! And if someone wants to ride his/her horse to work, even more fine! But it is NOT a money saver, folks-and don’t pretend it is!

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  • cathy

    Not that I want a horse or anything, (been there, done that!) but just for the sake of debate, cars aren’t cheap to own either….think of insurance, oil changes, occasional repairs, tires, etc. and their impact on the environment! Bicycles are the way to go or public transport….too bad they aren’t always convenient or available where you and I currently live!

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