Thank You, Discovery Channel!

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We all like secrets, right? Conspiracy theories, secret societies, under-the-table goings-on…all these things intrigue the average mind. At least, my average mind.

As you may have read in my autobiography, I’m a Freemason. As you may also know, Freemasons are always under the gun by conspiracy theorists and other whackos who want to make our humble brotherhood into something it’s not; namely, a new world order which controls everything from the Catholic church to the government of your town. Negative, on all counts.

Tonight, the Discovery Channel had several hours of documentaries on Freemasonry. Without a doubt, this is the most balanced, accurate and fair depiction I’ve ever seen on the Masonic Lodge. Major, major props go to the Discovery Channel for their representation of the fraternity.
Was it all accurate? Nah, not really. Their footage of an actual Masonic Entered Apprentice initiation was far from correct(something probably intended by the Masonic actors), but at least the Discovery Channel did not participate in the usual Freemasonry bashing by conspiracy weirdos.

In fact, in our age of media hype where mountains are made of mole hills, I give such huge props to DC for bringing it all back home at the end of the program. See, in the intro, they had two or three “experts” making outlandish claims about the Masons; they control all governments of all countries, they are responsible for thousands of unsolved murders world wide, etc.

At the end of the program, after showing how many conspiracies simply don’t hold water, they had more comments by the “experts.” Here is where DC really gets kudos…the first expert then started to discuss how extra terrestrials came from outer space, landed in Europe, bred with the giants of the world to create slaves which are now known as homo sapiens…and those slaves were the first Masons. Beg pardon, Sir Whack Job? By completing the program with such outlandish claims, the “experts” showed their true colors of Fruit Loops…thereby giving more creedence to the true work of the order-brotherly love, relief, truth and the betterment of the individual man.

Again, in our age of biased media and puffing up every story as the next giant headline, it was really refreshing to see Discovery Channel keeping things in perspective and showing the truth-no matter how boring it really is!

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