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Is there any hotter of a topic than religion? Historically, religion has been used to justify the slaughter of millions,, to push governmental policies, to create laws and, worst of all, to justify the crimes committed against humanity. Listen to anyone who is a strong, strong believer of anything faith based and, chances are, you’ll hear someone with a very slanted opinion.

This is why I was so encouraged when I heard a recent interview with Dr. William B. Bradshaw. Dr. Bradshaw is a retired college president, professor and novelist-as well as having one of the only degrees ever given (maybe the only one at all!) in (get this) demonology.

Now, if you think the study of demons is some wacky degree you get off line for $25 and a framed certificate-think again. Dr. Bradshaw is a graduate of Yale Divinity school and St. Andrew’s University. Oh, and he’s a retired protestant minister, to boot.

If someone is a minister, you can bet he/she had a very, very strong belief in deity…duh! How many athiests ever decide to go to seminary?!

Dr. Bradshaw was being interviewed on my fav radio show, The Dave Glover Show on 97.1 FM in St. Louis. Dave asked a very pointed question: After studying anything and everything to do with demons, everything from Biblical accounts to being “hands on” at an exorcism, have you come to your own personal conclusion about whether or not demons exist?”

Now, folks, this is where Dr. Bradshaw showed some true, true professionalism. Let’s not forget he is retired-after over 40 years of study. Studying EVERYTHING! For decades! And yet? His answer to Dave’s querry?

“I have come to my personal conclusion. However, I do not share my personal beliefs. If I tell you my personal beliefs, I leave the position of an academic and step into the role of a convertor. I want the study of demonology to be as academic as possible, so I do not share my personal beliefs.”

Do you get how awesome this is? He’s a minister, so he obviously believes the Christian set of beliefs is correct. Yet when it comes to his academic studies, he wants no part of teaching his beliefs, but rather, only focusing on the study from a strictly academic perspective. Do you know what kind of self discipline and respect for academia this must take? And what would you expect from an academic?

I salute you, Dr. Bradshaw, for remaining a true professional…and, I’ll soon be reading your book, too!

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