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What? No Engel’s Ensights posts the past few days? What gives?

What gives was lack of net access. Just returned from a few days in The Lou with family and friends. Took tohe trip back in order to visit my aunt and uncle, as well as see some friends, all of which was topped off by a fantastic show by Robert Earl Keen at the Pageant!

Man, one of the best REK shows I’ve witnessed! Forget the opening act, forget the North Mississippi All Stars, REK took the cake with his stories and songs when he took the stage.

I want to send out special thanks to my buddy, Steve Stair, for getting us the tickets. At the last moment, Steve was unable to attend due to a terminally ill father. As he said, “I can’t miss a moment with my father…I’d feel awful forever if he died while I was out seeing a concert.” In times like this, you do whatever you think is right. And Stair is the kinda guy who does things right.

Thanks to my friends, Amy and Andy, for some pre-show entertainment consisting of old stories and crab rangoons!

And with that, I’ll bid you farewell until the next post. Don’t worry-loads of stories and insights to share!

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