Why I Can Do What I Do

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On the flight back to Orlando yesterday, I got a good little reminder from the Southwest Airlines pilot on flight 3032. As we’re descending into Orlando, the pilot said over the PA, “Hope y’all are having a great Memorial Day weekend…I’m glad we could spend part of it with you. Please, if you know a vet, be sure to tell them, ‘Thank you.'”

Why can I do what I do? Because of soldiers who’ve protected my first amendment rights. Why can I travel in relative safety throughout the country? Because of our soldiers fighting terrorism in the Middle East. Why are we able to go to the store without fear of being blown up by a car bomb in the Target parking lot? Because our soldiers are helping to keep those kinds of homicidal killers out of our country. Why am I able to sleep a little easier at night, even as we head into hurricane season in Florida? Because if a catastrophe strikes, the National Guard will be at the ready immediately.

You, too, benefit from all these privledges protected by our active soldiers and vets. To those brave souls, you have my unending gratitude…and my hope that other Engel’s Ensights readers will pass along theirs, as well.

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