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Well, my handy dandy blogger account tells me it’s been over a week since I last blogged. That’s because I’ve been busy. No, I mean it! Really, REALLY busy!

Last Friday morning, the lovely wife and I hopped a plane to STL for 4th of July weekend with family and friends. July 5 was spent with the fam and attending my 15 year class reunion. Awesome to see all the old friends from high school days!

July 6 was my parents’ 40th anniversary! We had a banquet room at a local restaurant with close family and friends, then adjourned back to my childhood home (okay, okay, we’ll call it my parents’ home) for more socializing. Pics to come from all these events soon!

A day spent in STL meeting with doctors, lawyers and friends meant a midnight return to Orlando…where I spent exactly seven waking hours before heading up to Gainesville for my stepson’s orientation and registration at University of Florida. Man, being at UF makes me want to go back to college!

When we finally arrived home last evening, it felt like we’d been gone a month-and that’s not all that far from reality, considering the Austin/NYC trip the previous week. All in all, a few days to cool my heels and I’ll be ready to head out once again.

And now? More posts about stufff I learned on my travels…

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